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Eric De Bruijn, 46, Back Pain

Besides my hectic work life, I am a frequent traveller, a gym-goer, a footballer, and a cyclist. Because of my active lifestyle, I suffered from lower back pain. It was only after 2 years when I finally decided to put an end to the sufferings and hindrance to my activities by visiting The Body Clinic.

It was a wonderful feeling knowing the root cause of my condition and having experts helping me overcome my problems. Just after a few treatments, I am already feeling much more confident at work already, without the constant worries of aggravating the pain in my back. I will be getting back to my active sports very soon without the pain.

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Larry Yeo, 57, Slipped Disc, Spondylosis & Sciatica

I have slipped disc, spondylosis and sciatica. The pain caused major hindrance to my life and because of this; I used to lie in bed most of the time. Chinese herbal medicine and pain relief gel could not help me. Now, I can resume my frequent business trips and to sum it up, I got my life back! Thanks to all the friendly and helpful therapists at The Body Clinic.

I’m sure there are many others out there suffering bodily pain or aches. They only have to be directed to the appropriate therapists for good recovery. I want them to know there is hope through The Body Clinic instead of submitting helplessly to constant pain or aches.

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