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Nasrom, 58, Shoulder, Back & Knee Pain

Nasrom came to us with shoulder pain, back pain and knee pain. He cannot lift up his arm (frozen shoulder) and have problems walking and cannot walk for very long distance. After having done therapy for a few sessions, he is able to lift up his arm as high as everybody else and he can even walk for long hours; and is even able to go for a light jog! The experience he had has been great even with the therapists as they feel they have become friends!

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Heng Seow Jun, 61, Back, Foot & Heel Pain

Madam Heng has been suffering from back pain, foot pain and heel pain for a long time. Recommended by a friend, she decided to seek treatment at The Body Clinic. Since then her posture has been corrected, back pain has decrease tremendously and even lost some weight. She even noticed that her general mood has been lifted and less temperamental due to the pain-free body after having done treatment here. The therapists are extremely helpful and she has also even gotten closer to a couple of them. Overall, there is a big contrast in her quality of life before and after seeking therapy at The Body Clinic!

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Goldly Chai, 69, Knee & Back Pain

Goldly was generally in poor health – her knee pain and back pain were the main culprits that constantly put her in a lot of pain. She had problems sitting and standing up, even lying down was painful. Since completing the program at The Body Clinic, Pearly can do sit-ups; climb up and down staircases and even run for the bus which is totally unheard of in the past!

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Connie Goh, 63, Back & Knee Pain

Connie has been suffering from back pain and knee pain . Previously, she tries her best to endure it as she does not like the idea of taking painkillers nor surgery and wants to deal with it naturally. After learning about The Body Clinic, she realizes that pain can be alleviated naturally; without the need of neither medication nor surgery.


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