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Kathy Wang, 53, Frozen Shoulder

Kathy, who works in the accounts industry, puts in long hours in front of the computer. As a result, she developed a condition of frozen shoulder which made it difficult to even put her bra on. Apart from that, she also suffered from severe weight loss and recently realized she has a disorder related to her thymus gland which puts her on steroids to keep everything under control. Since coming to The Body Clinic, not only has she put on 8kg putting her at a healthy weight of 46 kg; Kathy also became less reliant on steroids – only taking 25% concentration of what she was initially given to regulate it.

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Joyce Chong, 62, Body Aches, Numbness in Legs & Hands

Suffering from all sorts of ailments ranging from weight issues, vertigo, acid reflux, body aches and numbness in legs and hands; even cooking a meal or a simple act of just walking over to the dustbin to throw a packet of rubbish proves to be an extremely difficult task for her. Since coming to The Body Clinic, she has lost some weight, even started playing with my grandchildren and have started cooking meals for her family!

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Hee Eng, 67, Insomnia & Scoliosis

Hee Eng had serious problems with insomnia and if she manages to fall asleep, it always ends up with her having screaming episodes waking her whole family up without even realizing it; what is worse she unknowingly scratches her husband, sometimes till it bleeds. She has seen the psychiatrist and was told she is under tremendous stress. However, with medication the problem still persists.

Since coming to The Body Clinic for therapy, she has since been able to have a goodnight’s rest sleeping right through to the next morning. The screaming and scratching episodes have stopped since and even the discomfort that scoliosis brings her coupled with leg numbness and muscle tightness that she previously felt has since disappeared as well.

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Goldly Chai, 69, Knee & Back Pain

Goldly was generally in poor health – her knee pain and back pain were the main culprits that constantly put her in a lot of pain. She had problems sitting and standing up, even lying down was painful. Since completing the program at The Body Clinic, Pearly can do sit-ups; climb up and down staircases and even run for the bus which is totally unheard of in the past!

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Dolin Looi, 62, Shortness of Breath

Dolin battled with cancer 10 years ago, which has affected her hearing and speech. Whenever she starts to speak, she will start coughing non-stop and as a result will suffer from shortness of breath. Here, she shows that her condition has improved tremendously where she can even stand before of an audience and not feel breathless or cough incessantly.

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Connie Goh, 63, Back & Knee Pain

Connie has been suffering from back pain and knee pain . Previously, she tries her best to endure it as she does not like the idea of taking painkillers nor surgery and wants to deal with it naturally. After learning about The Body Clinic, she realizes that pain can be alleviated naturally; without the need of neither medication nor surgery.


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Choi Sow Peng Part 2, 72, Frozen Shoulder

Since visiting The Body Clinic, the frozen shoulder that Sow Peng previously suffers from has become a thing of the past! She is able to move her arm freely and she even feels more energetic now! Friends and family who have not seen her in the past 6 months also commented that she looks so fresh and amazingly younger these days!


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Au Jok Lin, 69, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Madam Au suffered from extreme poor health all her life but what affected her most were her neck pain and shoulder pain, leading up to numbness. She will often get jolted up from sleep due to the intense pain she feels in her shoulders which radiates upwards to her neck. After visiting The Body Clinic for a month, she see a vast improvement and pain in her neck and shoulder is slowly fading away and really enjoys coming for treatment.

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