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Heng Seow Jun, 61, Back, Foot & Heel Pain

Madam Heng has been suffering from back pain, foot pain and heel pain for a long time. Recommended by a friend, she decided to seek treatment at The Body Clinic. Since then her posture has been corrected, back pain has decrease tremendously and even lost some weight. She even noticed that her general mood has been lifted and less temperamental due to the pain-free body after having done treatment here. The therapists are extremely helpful and she has also even gotten closer to a couple of them. Overall, there is a big contrast in her quality of life before and after seeking therapy at The Body Clinic!

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Tan Chin Mooy, 64, Head & Neck Pain

10 years ago, Tan Chin Moy underwent a major surgery to have her female reproductive system removed. Since then, she has been suffering from various hormonal imbalance symptoms, insomnia, fatigue, restlessness, head pain and neck pain as well as a weird burning sensation in her tongue. She seek medical help from the TCM practitioners as well as Western doctors, even medication did not alleviate the pain; in fact worsening the situation by adding on side effect of urinary problems while on medication.

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Pearly Chai, 70, High Cholesterol & High Stress Levels

As a teacher, Pearly is constantly stressed and not having enough sleep. Her cholesterol level was also on the high side. After undergoing therapy at The Body Clinic, Pearly unknowing had a weight loss of 10kg without any deliberate attempt to diet. Not only did she gain a leaner body, she gained more flexibility as well as more energy to function throughout the day.

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Miki Zhang Part 1, 60, Knee & Back Pain

Miki has been through TCM, western medicine; various supplements and the doctor even suggested for her to undergo a knee replacement surgery. She came to The Body Clinic and wanted to give it her last shot before surgery. She had amazingly superb results right after the 1st session. She felt less pain in her knee and back; and was even able to lift her legs up. In a month’s time, she gain a lot more strength and flexibility that even getting off the bus with her backside facing towards the door was a thing of the past!

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Miki Zhang Part 2, 60, Knee Pain & Breathing Difficulty

Apart from resolving the knee pain previously, Miki’s health has greatly been restored. She always had persistent coughs that lasted for almost a month as well as some difficulty in breathing. Since undergoing treatment at The Body Clinic, she has totally weaned off her coughing spells and even lost 15kg in 3 months – totally got rid of the binge eating patterns as well; from 97kg to 82kg and counting without much effort just by coming for therapy regularly.

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Miki Zhang Part 3, 60, Weight Gain, Mood Swings & Knee Pain

Miki has had many failed attempts in trying to lose weight, which makes it even more difficult with severe knee pain. She had a problem controlling her appetite and always ends up binge-eating due to severe mood swings as well. Only to realize, she had hormonal imbalances that resulted in her inability to control her appetite. When her weight started to reduce, that is when her moods started to stabilize too.

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Lim Sew Bee, 71, Spinal Degeneration, Numbness in Neck & Hands

Sew Bee was suffering from cervical spinal degeneration when she first visited us which resulted in severe pain and eventually numbness in her neck and hands. She also has a history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. After having done therapy at The Body Clinic, the numbness in her neck and hands have disappeared and even the doctor commented that her blood test and cholesterol level has improved tremendously.

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