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Are you suffering from neck, shoulder, back, knee pain, hand & leg numbness?
Been to many places & spending lots of money with disappointing results?

Don’t worry! We can help you!

Stop your pain without medications, needles & surgeries with the award winner today! Proven solutions for your bodily pain, weakness, tightness, numbness and soreness!

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How We Can Help your Back, Knee, Neck & Shoulder Pain

The Body Clinic’s program focuses on your whole body instead of treating one pain area as what your current treatment might just be all about. It is a total holistic program that heals the whole body from inside out; in return speeding your recovery process.

No Pills


Stops body pain, aches and numbness naturally without medications, needles, surgeries or taking supplements

No Needles


It is all natural and safe as we stimulate your innate healing potential to heal your body

No Surgeries


Unlike other therapies ours is non-invasive and gentle without any painful massages or cracking of bones

What clients say About The Body Clinic

With over 16 years of pain management expertise since 2004, The Body Clinic is a multi-award winner and has continued to help thousands of clients eliminate their body aches and pain, giving them back their freedom to live their lives to the fullest. See for yourself the testimonials from some of our many clients who have generously shared their success stories about their fantastic benefits from our exclusive IPX System™.
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Your Benefits in Just 1 Therapy

The IPX System™ is safe for both men and women, young and old. As all our therapies are customised and catered accordingly to the individual’s condition, no one therapy fits all.
Reduces Pain, Inflammation, Swelling & Numbness

Pain is the body’s way of letting you know that whatever that is happening in the body is out of the ordinary, and that it must be stopped immediately.

Reduces Muscle Cramp, Tightness, Joint Stiffness & Weakness

Proper posture and postural habits, coupled with correct movement will prevent tightness and even increase one’s range of motion.

Improves Muscle Strength & Flexibility

Help maintain bone density, improve balance, reduce all the bodily aches and pain and also lowering the risk of injury.

Ability to Climb Stairs & Slopes, Walk, Squat, Kneel & Run

Older folks submit to the fact that the inability to perform such tasks is a result of aging. We disagree and gotten many clients back to having pain-free lives.

Better Sleep Quality & Reduced Stress

Improvement in pain symptoms will result in a reduction in sleep disturbances and usually followed by reduced stress levels.

Regains Joint & Limb Mobility and Prevents Joint Degeneration

Relieve and prevent muscle weakness, joint stiffness, joint deformity and degeneration.

The Body Clinic Awards

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Other Testimonials About The Body Clinic

Be part of The Body Clinic family. Be Our Next Success Story.
  • I usually get ankle pain after my jogs and pain in my right elbow after my golf sessions. The therapies at The Body Clinic have mostly removed the pain in my ankles after running. The pain in the right elbow has subsided and I feel so much better as I am not afraid to swing my golf club better

  • Since being with The Body Clinic for only 2 weeks, I have no difficulties climbing stairs on my way to pick my grandson. The Body Clinic has decreased the pain in both my knees and I can now kneel down completely to pray with my family more frequently. I will continue my journey with The Body Clinic to bond with my family better.

  • The Body Clinic’s personalised 1-to-1 therapies attracted me and I decided to try their therapy. My therapist at The Body Clinic helped me strengthen my back and firmed my calves and brachial muscles. I experience no more pain and aches after coming for therapy!